Lagoon 42 (SILENCE)

While keeping a family resemblance and retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, this model shows us a new path: unhurried evolution, a new “organic” approach, in search of harmony between living space and man. An elegant silhouette, flowing curves which, by virtue of a noticeable acceleration of the lines in the […]

Bali 4.1 (Georg)

The BALI 4.1 picks up on all the innovations which have been so successful with the BALI 4.0: – The vast cockpit/saloon area, which completely opens up with a huge pivoting glazed door. – The very seaworthy integral foredeck area provides rigidity and protection from spray with a very large sunbathing area and a forward […]

Lavezzi 40

Welcome to Lavezzi 40 Victoria. Refitted in 2018! Compact and light, fast and economic cruising speed offered at a great value/money being one of the most affordable catamaran options. The Lavezzi 40 ‘Victoria’ is a great option for a group that requires sailing with a catamaran and likes to be close to nature and the […]