Thessaloniki Yacht Charters: Unforgettable Sailing Adventures in the Thermaikos Gulf

This coastal municipality is found at the east of the prefecture of
Thessaloniki, in the central part of Thermaikos gulf. The seashore of
the municipality has a 7.4 km length and constitutes the more
naturally wonderful place in the region. The
settlements occupy the biggest part of the coastal area. Even though
in recent years the settlements of Peraia, N.Epivates, and Agia Triada are
changed into regions of first home and are not anymore
the regions of the seasonal home, the region of
Thermaikos proceeds to pull in a significant number of guests during the
summer. The communities of N. Epivates and AgiaTriada
are especially very popular resorts. Plenty of taverns, bars, and
cafeterias are located in the coastal area, while, an evening walk on
the beach of Thermaikos with the view of Thessaloniki,
is continuously delightful.